Technology options

The construction technologies and equipment we could use to build a connection for the NWCC Project all have different features affecting how, when and where they can be used. We are not making a decision on which technologies we will use to build the new connection at this stage in the development process.

Overhead lines

Overhead lines form the majority of existing electricity transmission systems in the UK and across the world. They achieve a good balance of being economic, reliable and easy to maintain.

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Putting cables underground

Underground cables make up about 10 per cent of our existing electricity transmission system in England and Wales.

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We’re proposing to build a tunnel approximately 22km (13 miles) long under Morecambe Bay between Roosecote in Cumbria and Heysham in Lancashire.

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We use substations to change the voltage of electricity as it moves around our network, or to connect and disconnect transmission lines to and from the network.

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Building our connection

Subject to consent being granted, construction would start on the new connection in 2019. We think it would take approximately six years to build and test the whole connection, so it is ready to export electricity from Moorside in 2024.

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We’re giving a great deal of consideration to how we can transport equipment, materials and staff to our construction sites while limiting the effect of traffic on the local road network and those using it, as well as the environment.

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Removal of overhead lines

As a minimum we’re proposing to remove one existing 132kV pylon line along the whole route of our proposed new connection.

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