This page summarises the stages of engagement we have undertaken since 2014.

Our 2016 consultation

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Our formal consultation under sections 42 and 47 of the Planning Act 2008 launched on 28 October 2016 and closed on 6 January 2017. We presented our proposals for a 164km connection which would cost £2.8billion to build, including £1.9billion on measures to reduce its impact on people, places and the environment.

As part of the 10-week consultation, we delivered newsletters to more than 86,000 homes and businesses within the project area. We hosted 30 public events along the route of our proposed new connection and placed project materials at 43 venues. We also produced a website containing information on the project, all the latest news, project documentation and an online feedback form.

People could contact the project for more information using the freephone hotline, email address and freepost address.

Our 2015 information events

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We held a series of 27 information events along the route over a six week period, following the announcement of our proposed route corridor. More than 105,000 newsletters were sent to homes and businesses in the area around the corridor to inform people about the development of the project since the end of the 2014 consultation.

Between November 2014 and October 2016 an extended period of engagement with stakeholders was undertaken on a range of topics and issues. During this period we received comments and feedback from stakeholders which we took into consideration where necessary. Our information events formed part of this period of engagement.

Our 2014 consultation

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We held a series of 33 events during a 12-week public consultation at the outline routeing and siting stage of the project. We sent more than 135,000 newsletters to homes and businesses in the area affected by the project.

We asked for feedback on our prioritised groups of corridors, onshore north and onshore south with a tunnel under Morecambe Bay. We also asked for feedback on two alternative groups of corridors, offshore south and onshore south.

Previous consultations

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Since 2009 we have been working with local authorities from across Cumbria and Lancashire, as well as environmental, business and community organisations, to explore the different ways in which we could connect Moorside into our existing electricity network.

Project Films

We’ve developed a series of four films to help you learn more about the North West Coast Connections Project and the technology we’re proposing to use.


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The construction technologies we can use to build a connection for the NWCC Project include overhead lines, underground cable and a tunnel. Each technology has different features affecting how, when and where it can be used.

More information

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National Grid owns the high voltage electricity transmission system in England and Wales and operates the high voltage electricity network throughout Great Britain.

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